Payment policy
1. General Provisions.

1. This Payment Policy includes the Filemia Periodic Payments Policy in accordance with the requirements of the organization of payment cards.
2. The access or use of certain additional services (Paid Services) requires a subscription or commission fee.
3. By purchasing Paid Services, you agree to pay all relevant fees at current prices for the relevant period, as well as payment of all applicable taxes and other commissions accrued in connection with the use of the Paid Services, and you expressly consent to the writing-off by of the payment by the method chosen by you for the selected paid services.
4. Paid services shall start to be provided from the moment of the payment confirmation.
5. The ITLD Group Limited company, shall have the right to perform billing in the name and on behalf of
6. Several purchased Paid services shall be used simultaneously and summed up (for example, you can use several Filemia plans with the Gold Accounts benefits if they have been duly paid). Each purchase shall be valid from the date of the payment confirmation.

2. Free subscription.

1. Filemia may offer a free trial subscription, during which you can use paid services for a certain period of time.
2. A free subscription cannot be combined with any other offer, unless otherwise specified in such advertising offer.
3. A free subscription shall be available only to new customers who have not previously been registered users.
4. You will not receive notifications from us that your free trial period has expired and the paid period of your subscription has started, however, you shall be notified by email when the fee is charged. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

3. Refund.

1. Refunds shall be made in the sole event of an unreasonable or accidental duplication of the subscription. Money for the used service shall not be refundable.
2. Disputes and/or restricting access to the Filemia service, not related to fraud or incorrect payment, shall not give an opportunity to refund for the purchase of unused services.
3. Generally, refunds shall be made within 1 month from the date of the refund. Filemia shall not guarantee the extension of the return period within 1 month.
4. Refunds shall be made in equal form and in the currency of your payment (for example, by refunding funds to the Payment Card if the payment was made using the Payment Card).
5. Refund shall be guaranteed if the subscription has been made using the Payment Card. The subscription fee, which is made with the help of other billings (for example, mobile billing) or representatives of payment services (for example, using electronic money), subject to the policies and technological restrictions of such methods and payment services, may not be returned.
6. The payment service provider may automatically reject the payment or refund the funds without your knowledge. Filemia shall not be responsible for the actions of the payment service providers.
7. A commission may be charged for the refund handling to cover the costs of its processing and third-party commissions.

4. Discounts and gift accounts / profiles.

1. Filemia shall make available and permit third parties to provide gifts, promotions and discount coupons or vouchers.
2. Discount coupons shall not provide discounts for the services which already imply a discount.